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Golf Star is a golf game where you can create your own golfer, completely personalize him or her, and play on the international circuit where you can compete against the game's AI as well as real players from around the world.

Playing the game is simple: first you select the approximate zone where you want the ball to land, then you choose the power of the shot, and finally you adjust your shot.

Of course, when the ball is on the green, the mechanics of shooting change. You'll use a different club, and you'll have to be aware of any inclines on the ground before taking your shot.

Golf Star has spectacular graphic design that looks much more like a game you'd find on a console system like Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 than on an Android.

Golf Star is a fun game with various playing modes that allow you to play alone or against others over the Internet. It's an outstanding title; ideal for golf lovers.
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